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Si Tate
Wellness Manager & Head PT

Si started Tate Wellness to help people who are struggling with their weight, wellbeing and workload.

10 years ago, he was overworked, overweight and felt like he had no time to put it right. Work was going well but he was travelling frequently and as his workload increased so did his waistline.

It had reached the point where he was carrying an extra 20kg of fat around, something that behind the scenes he felt pretty down about, yet he kept convincing himself that it wasn't that bad...

After months of denial, he decided that enough was enough and he needed to do something about it. He made a big shift in his work-life balance, changed his diet dramatically and hired a personal trainer. Within 4 months he had lost not only the extra 20kg he was carrying but an additional 10kg on top of that.

The experience changed him, and he decided to use what he know to help other struggling to improve their health and wellbeing.

In the 10 years since, Si has developed a complete approach to health and wellbeing, working with some of the best professionals in the industry.

At Tate Wellness you’ll get the best of his knowledge and his expertise. His team will help you get results, but more than that, they will improve your quality of life. At Tate Wellness, you're in the best hands.

Come to me for: Planning out your weight loss or wellness journey, talking through what is getting in your way, HIIT training... Oh and coffee.

Best part of my job is: Working with good people.

Favourite exercise:  A bit of everything but mostly lifting weights in a HIIT fashion with a little running and rowing thrown in for good measure.

Favourite song to work out to: Ariana Grande, One Last Time

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Jason Cook
PT & Lifting Coach

The best three words to describe Jason are affable, adventurous and positive. His PT sessions are motivational, full of energy and will leave you wanting more (yes, really). From strength training to focusing on cardio, Jason takes pride in helping people of all abilities realise their goals. He’ll make you sweat, but you’ll always leave feeling better than you did when you walked in. Jason is big on technique but always makes his sessions fun. His methods work, and working with him, you’ll discover you can do what you thought you could never achievable. 

Come to me for: Weights, technique & strength training, conditioning.

Best part of my job: Seeing people improve and gain confidence through weight training.

Favourite exercise: Benching & Deadlifting, strength training.

Favourite song to work out to: Oasis, Morning Glory

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Kate Sutton
PT & Lifting Coach

Kate's background is team sport. She realised the joy and rewarding powers of exercise from a young age. As Kate progressed from competitive sport she fell into the gym environment and this was where the foundations of her career began. Now, Kate is a practitioner in resistance training, core work, cross disciplinary programming. She favours high intensity interval training for her own training and loves getting her clients into HIIT. Kate is more than a PT, she cares about the welfare of her clients on a physical and emotional level. 

Come to me for: High intensity interval training, core work and stability, resistance training, cardio training.

Best part of my job is: Connecting with people and working with them on an emotional and physiological level.

Favourite exercise:  HIIT & resistance, barbell squats.

Favourite song to work out to: Messages, Truth

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Amanda Law
PT & Conditioning Coach

Health and fitness have always been a big part of Amanda’s life. She has a passion for nutrition and the role it plays in repairing and healing the body and mind. As her knowledge of fitness has grown, she’s taken a particular interest in adapting her client’s training and getting them in the right mind set to hit their goals. Amanda is strong believer that each person reacts differently to different workouts and diets, so she’s all about the personal approach. She gets involved in every aspect of your lifestyle, training and diet to find what works best for. She’s a big fan of strength & conditioning training as they encompass the entire development of the body and mind and include all the different tools needed to improve physical performance. Basically, it’s a lot more than just lifting weights.

Come to me for: Strength & conditioning training

Best part of my job: People. I love getting to know what motivates my clients. There is nothing better than watching them hit their goals week in and week out.

Favourite exercise: Hip thrusts, always.

Favourite song to work out to: Any good 90's rap.

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Caroline Zimba
Our Resident Yogi

Caroline’s clients get the benefit of her 14 years of yoga practice. She holds a foundation certificate from the British Wheel of Yoga as well as an impressive 700hrs in Ashtanga Vinyasa and various styles from India. Working with Caroline is not just about the body, it’s an all over approach that the improves the mind and soul too. For Caroline, yoga is the art of knowing yourself. Whatever shows up on your mat is showing up in life, so during she’ll teach you to manage breath, and therefore mind and body. Each class is bespoke, tailored to the individual. She uses breath work and meditation to make sure you’ll always come away feeling enthused and uplifted, and who doesn’t need a bit of that these days?

Come to me for: Stretching out the IT band.

Best part of my job: When people do something they thought impossible for themselves. Seeing the smiles when people end a session feeling better than when they began.

Favourite exercise: Hands down, it has to be the Headstand. It's good to turn things ups down once in a while. 

Favourite song to work out to: Silence for yoga, life is too noisy already but any 90s R&B hip hop for a more active session of boxing of HIIT.

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Shavon Nurse
PT & Conditioning Coach

Ever since she was at school, Shavon has been in and around competitive sport, both competing and coaching. Having been involved from such a young age and having seen the benefits of training first hand is where her passion for fitness stems from. Whilst she was rehabilitating in the gym, to regain her strength after an injury, she found a new love of exercise in the gym environment. A fire was lit and she chose to follow a new career helping everyday people to achieve extraordinary results. Her clients can expect to be challenged both physically and mentally and they are rewarded with benefits in both parts of their life, feeling fitter, stronger and happier with each session.

Come to me for: HIIT, strength & conditioning.

Best part of my job: Helping people to feel good about themselves.

Favourite exercise: Leg press and deadlifts.

Favourite song to work out to: Drop it like it’s hot, Snoop Dogg.

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Tanya Miller
PT & Pilates

Tanya’s not your typical PT. She started her career as a Fashion Designer but found her passion for fitness several years back when she started working from home. She joined a gym because she wanted to make sure she was keeping fit despite the lifestyle shift. Soon she realised exercise was more than just an after-work activity. She qualified to teach spin classes and studied to become a Personal Trainer. Tanya loves the idea of being able to sculpt people’s bodies while making them fitter and stronger in the process. She’s big on building programmes designed around what you want, needs and your individual abilities, whether you are new to all this or have been working out for years. Tanya is qualified to work with pregnant women from the first trimester onwards and post-natal women with back issues. If you are a bride who wants to get wedding ready or already fit as a fiddle and wanted to take it to the next level, Tanya is the trainer for you.

Come to me for: HIIT with Pilates style core work, pre-& post-natal exercise.

Best part of my job: Helping new mums.

Favourite exercise: Mountain climbers & squat pulses.

Favourite song to work out to: Prodigy, Warrior’s Dance

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