Founded by fitness expert Si Tate, Tate Wellness is one of the most respected health and fitness concierge's in the industry.


True wellness is about tuning into yourself and finding balance between three key pillars - your mind, body and the food you eat. We help you to do this by putting tailored programmes in place to keep you on track every step of the way.



Si Tate

Si started Tate Wellness because he wanted to help people unable to balance their weight, their wellbeing and their workload, something that he previously struggled with himself.

8 years ago he was overworked, overweight and felt like he had no time to put it right. Carrying an extra 25kg of fat around, it was never going to come off of its own accord.

One day he finally decided that he needed to do something drastic and began his research into experts that could help him. With their advice, he put together a 12 week programme that helped overhaul his health and lose 20kg. Feeling and looking like a new person, he not only knew this plan was one that worked, but it motivated him to want to help others. He doesn't believe that one person knows everything nor that there is one solution that fits all. With this, he founded Tate Wellness. 

A training program is only as good as the people behind it. With Tate Wellness, you'll have a coach rather than a traditional trainer. He has built a team of experts, all individually qualified to design advanced programs that deliver not only results, but overall improvements in your quality of life. They continue to help Si so he can trust that you're in the best hands for them to help you too.

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Daphné Liot
Personal Training + Sports Massage

Originally from Paris, Daphne is passionate, friendly, dynamic and brings an enormous amount of energy to every session. Specialising in functional training, core strengthening and weight loss, she will have you focusing hard on technique and push you further than you believed you could go. Daphne will teach you the little tweaks that make a huge difference and help you feel stronger every week. She loves to train a wide range of clients from complete newbies in the gym to athletes as well as those who require specific care and attention to whether that be an injury or a medical condition or dysfunction.



Oli Bailey
Personal Training

An amateur boxer and certified Personal Trainer, Oli has a wide range of fitness qualifications. Specialising in weight loss and muscle gain, Oli is somewhat of a perfectionist. He creates sessions that combine weight training and boxing to achieve a total body conditioning workout completely bespoke to each client. 

Oli has successfully helped a wide variety of Tate Wellness clients achieve their goals and results they want to achieve, fast. His wonder workout is burpees so don’t be surprised if he gets to do a few to his favourite motivational song, Lose Yourself by Eminem!



Jason Cook
Personal Training

Affable, adventurous and positive are words to best describe Jason. His PT sessions are motivating, full of energy and will have you wanting more. He is constantly motivated by the determination of his clients and the community spirit felt throughout Tate Wellness.

From strength training to focusing on your cardio, he will help you realise your goals. He’ll make you sweat but you’ll leave feeling better than before whilst focusing on your overall techniques to make the sessions you have even more fun. Jason loves to help you discover what you previously thought was unachievable. 



Greg Ryan

Having worked with many physiotherapists, Si enthuses that Greg's view of biomechanics is second to none and cannot recommend him highly enough for both short and long term treatment.

reg qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1991 and spent 7 years in the NHS where he found his professional passion for treating musculoskeletal pain and injury. He went into private practice in 1998 before co-founding HFS in 2003 on Harley Street site. He has recently taken up cycling, but it was his years on the rugby field where he truly experienced first hand what it means to be injured.


Louisa Schiatarella
Nutrition Coach

Louisa is not only a seriously good nutritionist, she is also a former professional ballet dancer. She understands the importance of nutrition in goal orientated exercise whether it is for fitness competitions, sports, body transformation or general wellbeing. She not only gives her clients nutritional guidance but most importantly coaches them through it all to help all achieve sustainable results.

Louisa knows how to help you become the healthiest and happiest version of yourself and uses her nutrition plans to help you get there. 


Noura Alfadi

Noura has been practicing yoga for over ten years since she fell in love with the feeling of space and ease that it created in both her body and mind. Qualified through Triyoga and recognised by the British Wheel of Yoga, to deepen her knowledge and practice of yoga, she continually immerses herself into further learning with a particular interest in women’s yoga therapy.

Her journey into yoga and wellbeing has given her a unique understanding of what it means to be in a healthy relationship with your body. Through her deeply nourishing approach to her yoga practice, you will find true balance.