Five Reasons Why Yoga Can Improve Your Wellness

In celebration of International Yoga Day, here are five research based reasons why the ancient practice is still one of the best workouts around and how it can improve your overall wellness.


Yoga can make you happy. Levels of a little known brain chemical GABA increase as you do Yoga which has been shown to have a greater positive effect on a person's mood and anxiety level than walking. Namaste to that.

No Stress

If you’re feeling a little stressed then head straight to your nearest Yoga class. You can significantly reduce your stress levels and lower blood pressure by doing a few downward dogs. It may also help to treat other issues such as anxiety.

Feel Pain Free

Head, shoulders, knees and toes… any pain is just a pain. By practicing regularly, studies show that it can be the most effective form of treatment. Sounds good to us.

Exercise Well

Long been considered one of the best ways to exercise as it engages so many muscle groups, studies also show it is a healthy way to lose weight too – win win.

Sleep Easy

Not sleeping? Get a good night's sleep with yoga as your natural insomnia cure. It has been shown to deeply relax the mind, so throwaway your nytol and instead, do some yoga before bed. Your body will thank you for it.