Feel On Top Of Your Game - Hydrate

As London is heating up, there are reminders on every corner to stay hydrated. We know that 2 litres a day is what we should be drinking there or thereabouts, but throw in exercise, a stressful day in the office, not enough sleep last night and we need even more, but how much more? Here I will explain a little more about water in relation to weight loss as well as how to be sure you’re keeping yourself adequately hydrated.

How's Your Mood Today?

What is certain is that none of us will always be in a constant state of hydration. It’s near on impossible. You may have heard of the term ‘mild dehydration’. We all actually experience this several times each week. Feeling thirsty? Now you know why. It can have knock on effects too such as finding tasks at work that should be relatively easy, seemingly more difficult. It can also effect your mood, give you a headache and generally make you feel not on top of your game. What I always explain to my clients too is that it can reduce their performance in the gym too. You quite simply won’t have the same endurance as you would if you were properly hydrated.

As your hydration levels quite literally change hour to hour it’s always helpful to know how you can see for yourself whether you need to pour another glass of the good stuff. Water that is.

Key Hydration Tips

First and foremost, your body will likely be telling you that you’re thirsty. Dehydration occurs when more fluid is leaving the body than being consumed. If you’ve just been to the gym for example, intense exercise leads to fluid loss through sweat. If fluids are not replaced by drinking water, you can become dehydrated. The age old trick of checking your urine colour is one that really works. If your urine is pale yellow this is a good thing! It’s a great indication that your body is releasing water and you’re sufficiently hydrated. If dark, your body is retaining water so drink up – that’s not good. Your organs will suffer! Give yourself a reminder to keep drinking. I find putting a large glass next to my bed for when I wake is always a good idea. Carrying a bottle with me throughout the day also helps.

Water And Weight Loss

Many of my clients often ask me how water can also help with weight loss. In short, it of course takes a lot more than upping your water intake. There are a huge amount of factors involved but studies have shown that when you drink 500ml water a good 20 minutes before a meal, you can suppress your appetite. This therefore means you won’t be wanting to eat quite as much. This is as about as sharp as the research goes though. It may help, it may not. I am more concerned with how you feel in yourself as you progress through training and with your overall nutrition.

One great tip I like to share though that can help kerb appetite and therefore aid weight loss, is to pop lemon into your water. Not only do you benefit from more energy from the Vitamin C and natural fructose but your body naturally absorbs the sugar in citrus fruit slowly, keeping you feeling fuller for longer. 

Remember, it’s all very well telling you to drink more water but consume too much and it is possible to become over-hydrated. Yes it is possible! You would need an enormous amount. Ways in which to tell include never feeling thirsty, headaches and confusion. If you think you might be overdoing it, always speak to your doctor.