Si Tate's 5 Top Tips To See Results Quicker

In todays world, unfortunately we are constantly bombarded with images of people with washboard abs and sculpted arms. You only need to go on Instagram for two minutes to understand what I’m talking about. It can make you feel like that HIIT class is an absolute essential part of most peoples morning routines. Beginning your wellness journey can be intimidating process. Even if you're not just starting out, it can also be easy to fall into a rut so here are five of my top tips to improve your training when you get there so you see results and feel like it's all worthwhile.

Switch it up

Whether you do a predetermined session in the gym or go to a gym class these need to be messed with everyone once in a while.

The reason is a little thing called specificity. This means that the more you do an exercise, the more your body adapts to be good at that and the less energy it needs in order to do it.

Therefore mindlessly doing the same class or training session week in week out is going to give you fewer returns.

Do yourself a favour and change your training every 4-6 weeks. Try a different session or a different class to improve your gains. Not only will this lessen your boredom but it will also increase calorie burn and vastly improve those results.


Make sure your training matches your goal

Classes such as yoga are great for improving flexibility and strength over your own bodyweight whereas HIIT classes are great for a calorie burn and getting rid of stubborn fat.

In my opinion, you should do them all but if you’re looking at a weight loss goal and you don't have a lot of time to throw at it, you should be prioritising HIIT class and more cardio based workouts to burn more calories.

If your main goal is to lose weight, your diet must be a priority too. This is critical as exercise alone will not tip the scales in your favour.


Work full body. Yes, even your legs

I see plenty of clients who love to train anything but legs but the problem is that they miss out on the global effect that occurs when the whole body is trained regularly.

That is to say that muscle building across the whole body improves muscle building in isolation too. In essence the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Adding to that that it is much better for your overall health and wellbeing should be reason enough for you to stop skipping leg day! 


You cannot spot reduce weight

We all have parts of our body that are wobblier than others due to where we store the fat around our body which is a result of both our genetic make up and our lifestyle.

Many people try and hit these areas in the hope that the fat from those parts will simply ‘melt away’ as a result of the increased training.

Unfortunately I have some bad news for you, you simply cannot spot reduce weight.

As in the previous tip you to train the body as a whole and that will, in turn, increase the weight loss across the whole body. Again diet and lifestyle also need to be managed properly to help with this.


Get your head (and training) right

Believe it or not, you are in the gym to train NOT to take well posed selfies.

Firstly, put your phone in flight mode. You’re about to train for 45 minutes to an hour. That and that only should be your priority. Your phone can wait.

I always recommend sitting for 5 - 10 minutes with a good playlist (something that calms and focuses you) and an espresso to help get you ‘in the mood’ to train. Did you know it also helps boost fat burning?

Once this is over, drop in a more upbeat and motivatingplaylist and get in the gym and get your training done with your new found focus, energy and zero distractions. We can recommend some great playlists that will have you focused in no time!

An extra tip for good measure. Focus on your health and save the selfies for the end.