The Real Benefits of HIIT

Increased Calorie Burn For Time

Whatever workout you’re doing, you’re going to burn calories.

The key to HIIT workouts though is the amount of time you need to be working is less than other forms of exercise for the same calorie burn.

Lets face it, we never have enough time so this is a pretty useful factor. 

Exercise Related Mental Toughness

Probably a bit strange that this is number two on my list but I actually think that one of the real benefits of a HIIT class is the lack of thinking time and the force to just 'get on and do it'.

We don't have time to think about what is happening and, as a result, are unable to generate our usual list of excuses. We just get on with things and, as a result, often achieve way more than we would normally.

Group Bonus

Humans work best in groups and a good HIIT class takes full advantage of this.

For the competitive ones amongst us we will have plenty of people to compete against as we tire, something that drives us on as we start to falter and would, in usual circumstances, give up.

There’s also the slightly sadistic but we love to suffer together as through these adversities,  we limp though and prosper.

Calorie After Burn

This has been bigged up by a lot of people and it probably isn’t as significant as many people would have you believe hence it’s towards the end of the list… BUT it is still a thing…

Post working out, the body needs to recover and restock and this all requires fuel and energy. So you get the added benefit of an additional calorie burn to top off the workout.

Improved Heart and Lung Function

Not specific to HIIT but something that is maximised in HIIT are the physiological advantages we gain from exercise. These include decreased resting heart rate and improved lung fuction.

The reason being that in order to adapt to the stresses and strains of the exercise that we have just undertaken, our lungs and heart increase in volume to enable us to become much better equipped for doing the activities in the future. Click here to read all about our specificity which relates to this.