The Importance Of Being 'Healthy'...

If I have a major pet hate, it is the use of the word ‘healthy’.

“You should eat this cake, it’s gluten free so it’s REALLY healthy”

“I don’t know why I don’t lose weight, my diet is super healthy”

“These smoothies are full of fruit, they’re sooooo healthy”

The reason being that the term ‘healthy’ is subjective, therefore what means ‘healthy’ to you may mean something very different to me and so on.

I see many clients who are taking a supplement, eating a nutritional product or undertaking a course of training that was marketed to them under the notion of it being ‘healthy’ and are in fact going backwards.

And funnily enough, I am not a huge fan of people being stuck in a cycle of failures and suffering from the crap self esteem that comes with it.


Ok so that is all very well Si but how do I do something about it?

The first thing you need to do, and excuse me if I am being harsh but, you need to start taking responsibility for your goals and stop being led down the garden path by believing what you’d like to believe.

Now I can accept that some of the confusion in terms of what you have been eating may come from a lack of education but honestly, if somebody hands you a slice of cake that is gluten free/made with no added sugar/made from raw foods only, do you really believe that this is going to help you to lose those last few pounds that you want rid of?

Regardless of the adjective you use, cake is cake. Agreed?

So decide what ‘healthy’ means to you and establish what is your goal is and what that requires you to do. You can do this easily by answering the following questions:

·      What is your desired outcome?

·      How will you know when you reach there?

·      What does your training/nutrition/rest have to look like to get you there?

The first of those questions tend to be answered quite easily, the second may be a little trickier and the third may require an investment of time and/or money to get you there but, if you really want it, it should a worthwhile investment.


Reframing ‘healthy’… Oh and banning it!

Now that you’re moving forward with a clearer sense of purpose and in built bullsh*t meter, the rest is easy.

You should now be in a place that, rather than taking people’s word for it, you should now have the knowledge and the plan in place to be able to make your own mind up.

So when you are looking at food choices, training approaches and ‘healthy’ products and ask yourself ‘Is this fit for my purpose?’ or ‘is this healthy for me and what it is that I want to achieve?’

If the answer is 'yes' then great, if not, then don't do it! Simple.

Oh yes and ban the word ‘healthy’ from your dictionary, this way you will progress much faster in the way that you want and you will also drive me less crazy.