Simple Yet Healthy Breakfasts

As many of my clients will tell you, I like to keep things simple. With a combination of one form of protein, one low GI carbohydrate and plenty of fresh fruit/vegetables with each plate to get a great balance.

Now I get that people don't always have oodles of time in the morning but all of these you can prep (at least in part) the night before. Here are three suggestions to help you feel fuller for longer and give you enough energy until lunch.


Natural Yoghurt, Oats and Fruit

It is very simple. Add the natural yoghurt to a bowl along with the fruit (chopped) and then add a handful of oats to the mixture, stir and serve.


Chilli-ed Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Mushrooms, Rye Bread and Fresh Spinach

Put a dash of coconut oil into a pan and add in some fresh chili then crack a couple of eggs into the pan and scramble. Once its ready, chop in some fresh coriander too.

Meanwhile grill some large mushrooms and toast a slice or two of german rye bread.

Plate these all up with a side serving of fresh spinach. If you want to, you can always substitute the eggs for a different protein, like smoked salmon for example.


Vegetables and Avocado with Seeds and Brown Rice

Chop up a courgette and a pepper and stir fry them. Towards the end of this, throw in a handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. You can throw them in before the stirfry if you’d like them a little more ‘charred’.

Meanwhile either boil up some brown rice. Or you use a ready made pack or heat up some you made earlier – if you’re short on time/better prepared! Then just plate all of this up with half an avocado. Et voila - bon appetit!