How To Avoid Aches And Pains

How do you feel? How does that muscle at the bottom of your back really feel? How’s your posture? How long have you been staring into your laptop or phone? Are you slumped over right now? When was the last time you checked? And by checking, we mean really checking.

Working out naturally breaks down our muscles. On the flip side, so does leading a stressful lifestyle or sedentary by sitting at a desk all day with very little movement. We’re all in need of a bit of TLC, more often than we think.

Tate Wellness physio specialist Greg Ryan tells us more about the importance of Physiotherapy and why it is beneficial not only for physical health, but mental too.

I’m not in any pain. Do I need to see you?

People often think that the only reason why you should see a Physio is to fix a problem. In actual fact, you’re better off seeing a Physio to prevent any from happening! It’s amazing how just by sitting at your desk all morning can mean serious muscle fatigue for the rest of the day. This has an enormous impact not only on your posture, but also on your efficiency and focus too. Bad news if you want to finish that piece of work by 6pm. Physiotherapy is all about how the body moves; whether it is turning your head, walking down the street, sitting down or even just breathing, there are many ways that you can perform these tasks, but only a few ways that are optimal. 

Do you entirely focus on the area of pain?

No not at all. As a physiotherapist I very much look at your body on the whole. There can often be pain in one area that is triggered by a niggle elsewhere that you may not even be aware of. The pain may also be that of a mental one too. Some of my clients have been through real trauma with their injuries and can end up suffering mentally as a result. It is my role to not only help with their physical issues but also to retain their momentum and keep positive. At the heart of any physiotherapy treatment is, or should be at least, the idea of beautiful movement - to move smoothly, effortlessly, gracefully and not to feel any pain. 

Would have physiotherapy help me exercise?

Absolutely! There are a number of benefits to having physiotherapy that can make you get even more out of your exercises. By simply becoming more in tune with your body through physio, you will naturally start to want to better it in other ways. True flexibility if often take for granted. Not only will your body will start to move better, but I also give exercises to help strengthen it too in between sessions. To understand what is optimal movement means understanding what happens when it goes wrong, but also how to correct it. A good Physio will know this and help you achieve simple, elegant, pain free movement. 

Are there any other benefits to physio other than movement?

The list is endless. Physiotherapy works wonders for treating chronic health issues. As we get older, our bodies of course start to deteriorate too and due to physiotherapy taking an integrated approach to musculoskeletal and neuromuscular treatment of problems, it can be a real advantage for many people looking for a more holistic approach.