You are unique

When making a change in your health and fitness, you need to find a solution that works for you, which is exactly why we offer 3 very different programmes. That way you can make the choice that suits you, your goals and your schedule.


1. TW Complete Programme

The TW Complete Programme is exactly that, complete.

We bring the whole TW Team together to build you a tailor-made package that leaves no stone unturned and looks at all the aspects of your health and fitness.

Designed and managed by Si, this programme is built completely around you and your lifestyle, to help you to overcome the challenges you face and deliver you the goals you so badly want to achieve.

Guided through the process from start to finish, you will focus on all of the parts that make up the healthiest version of you. We do this by looking at your diet, training, injuries and all the issues that are standing in your way right now.

This programme is ideal for someone who is looking to make a significant change to their health and wellbeing, who wants to really focus on one or several areas and needs that extra little push and support to help them do it.

So if you’re struggling with to lose weight, finding it hard to overcome a stubborn injury or feel the need for an overhaul, we should talk.

2. TW Training Programme

Feel like you need to step up your training? Then keep reading.

Having worked with all levels of physical fitness, from athlete to armchair dweller, Si understands exactly how all the different levels of fitness work and how to step up from stage one to the next. That's why he built a multifaceted training programme that looks to take your current training regime and move it up a notch.

Using the variety of different skills that our trainers have to offer along with support from our yogis and pilates guys along with monthly fitness testing, Tate Wellness builds you a complete training programme that pushes you to improve in all levels of physical fitness: strength, endurance, power and flexibility whilst also improving your aesthetics… Which is why we are here… Right? ;)

This a great option if you feel that you’re on the right track already and you’d like to make some big training goals to strive for and, in the process, take your fitness to the next level.

3. TW Coaching Package

Perhaps you don’t have the time to do something so involved (or maybe you don’t live in London) but you still want to make a change? In which case this may be the option for you.

Starting with a detailed consultation with Si (Face to face or via Skype/Facetime), we get to grips with your goals and the challenges you are facing that are stopping your from realising your health and fitness potential. Armed with this data, we build you a programme with the resources that you have to hand and give you the additional tools that you need to make a success of your health kick.

These include a food and training plan along with a weekly call to ensure that you are doing what you’re supposed to and to make sure that if you’re facing a roadblock (or two) that we head them off ASAP.

This is a great programme for people based outside of London that still want to make strides forward in their health and wellbeing.

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